Reflections On God

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Heavenly Father, we come to you with our petitions. We ask that you show mercy to all who are in need. For these we pray:

For all the men and women serving in our military: that they may be protected as they protect others.

For all those struggling with addiction: that they may come to know peace.

For all those seeking employment: that they may be blessed with bountiful and worthwhile work.

For all those who are struggling to know God: that He may reveal Himself to them along their journey.

For all who feel hopeless: that they may be renewed in spirit.

For all who have been diagnosed with cancer, are being treated for cancer, or who are sick: that they may be touched by God's healing hand.

For Mary Catherine Portell as she recovers from hip surgery. May God bring her comfort and healing. Judy P.

For Scott Cain, may God bring him healing at this time. Deanna C.

For Dennis Politte; may God bring him healing. Family

For my niece, please pray. Debbie H.

Asking for prayers for my son; for intervention. Name Withheld

For Ty Harris; may he rest in the peace of Christ. And may God comfort his family. Community

For Joe Politte; whose cancer has returned. May God protect him. Family

For Tom Wilson; may he rest in the peace of Christ. Carolyn

For my marriage, my kids, my husband; we may never loose faith in God's love for us and never stop believing that all our pain will soon end for once and all. Thank you Lord for your blessings. Bronwyn 176

Prayers for Miss Katie Rose, that GOD will help her. Judy